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Mass Recruiting

Description: Quick and high-quality mass recruitment will bring your business to a new market, expand and strengthen it. However, if you get down to business without a clear understanding of technology, you can globally harm both business and yourself.
Mass recruitment services
Mass recruitment is a technology that allows you to recruit a large number of line employees in a short time. Despite the apparent simplicity, it also does not do without serious pitfalls and nuances. To ignore or disregard them means to jeopardize the launch of the entire project.

When you need mass selection
A new supermarket, warehouse, call center is opening, a national producer enters the regional market or large-scale construction starts — linear employees are needed here. Movers, sales floor employees, cashiers, drivers, couriers, operators and similar positions become objects of mass recruiting.
How to understand that you have to use this particular type of personnel selection? Just check your project against the following criteria:
• the number of planned staff for the same type of vacancies: one seller in an elite boutique is a classic selection. Ten cashiers at the supermarket are already massive;
• his qualifications: as a rule, it is either not required at all (any person who fits the basic criteria of adequacy can be taught to lay out goods according to a planogram) or quite minimal (for example, knowing a computer at the level of “I can turn it on and off”).
When you have exactly decided who, in what quantity and by what time you need, you can go in two ways: do everything yourself or outsource the selection of personnel.

Why mass selection on their own turns into a disruption
At first glance it seems that everything is simple. People, which does not impose special requirements neither in education nor experience in the market many. Start an advertising campaign, collect responses, and no special recruiting services for positions you don’t need.
This is largely true, but… not so. That’s what challenges companies face in mass selection.
1. A low response.
The reasons may be varied: wrongly chosen advertising platforms, incorrect the ad itself, not developed channels of communication of the applicant with the employer etc. You are trying to grasp and understand, and time is running out, the timing of the opening of the object closer, the provision of staff does not exceed 10 % of the target, disaster, SOS, save.
2. Low upward movement.
You are actively calling and texting, but before the interview, reach the unit and the clearance is even less. Perhaps «blame» the conditions of employment or scripts, which work with the applicants your managers. With the same probability, you are playing against a location, the transport infrastructure of the area, the weather, the company’s image as an employer and much more. Of course, with all that we have to work separately, but over my head again you saw the time and a real threat of disruption.
3. The resource-intensive.
Average campaign recruitment costs 5-10 times more than expected at the planning stage. Even in the automation of mass selection, when the feedback is operational around the clock and without the participation of the managers, he still requires:
• money for posting job openings and advertising the trip (if we are talking about opening a business in another village);
• time is not only managers who are directly involved in recruiting, but also line managers, and security personnel;
• costs to replace workers, descended from the race to run the project.
Besides, to ensure the recruitment process will have to use additional resources to hire, for a time, several recruiters or to use the services of call center to receive and answer calls.
Mass recruitment is a significant challenge for the company. It requires:
• careful and realistic planning;
• streamlined internal business processes;
• professionals with relevant experience;
• the budget;
• flexible response to contingencies and deviation from intermediate targets for staffing.
Remember that on the other scale is not only the prospect of development and expansion of the company, but also your personal career well-being. Probably not worth it to risk it, especially because a layman will not be able in a short time to cover all the nuances and secrets of mass selection.

Mass recruitment from Best People
Best People is an hr agency in Chisinau that offers its customers comprehensive solutions in the field of staff recruitment. We will help to staff:
• shops;
• cafes, restaurants, pizzerias;
• call-centers;
• Service stations, service centers, warehouses;
• hotels, boarding houses, hotels, etc.
We use well-established search methods, but are also open to a new one: if your case specifically requires, we use non-standard methods of mass selection. We will help with planning and debugging the process of hiring a large number of employees.
Contact us and let’s expand your business!

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Classical search and staff recruitment

Description: Professional Recruitment allows your organization to go through a step-by-step process to find the most qualified candidate to fill the role. Best People uses a variety of searching and analyzing methods during hiring procedures and elaborates all the selection stages. [caption id="attachment_214" align="alignnone" width="300"] Businesswoman talking with visitor face to face at the table.[/caption] Recruiting and selection process by Best People A great and a professional team is considered to play the leading role in a production process. Recruitment and Selection are both key activities for the firm, as they entail the processes that would help the business in employing staff that would be entrusted with the responsibility of taking the organization forward and achieve the competitive advantage the business exists for. The best solution would be to delegate the recruitment process to professionals. Best People is able to find the most suitable applicants in a short period of time.   Recruitment Methods and techniques The great majority of employers uses to take into consideration only resumes of applicants/candidates that are interested in the position. But such a method proved to be not so efficient. In most of the cases the best results were achieved during a complex selection of stuff. Complex selection embodies resumes analyses, phone calls or business letters writing to the potential desired candidates. Such a method allows to get a full picture of a candidate`s personality and professionalism. Our agency tends to use the most complex methods of recruitment. These are the key techniques: Internal recruiting – analysis and assessment of our data basis; External recruiting - analysis and assessment of closed resources professional websites; Exclusive recruiting – the technique is used when a specific high qualified candidate is needed, in other words head hunting specialists from other firms. In this case the wage must increase and the contractual terms must be improved. Print and web advertising; Talent search at such events as Job Fairs and Carrier Oriented Conferences and Meetings; Screening candidates from suburbs and countries` districts. Being active on social media services allows us to ‘meet’ potential candidates in lots of ways: through shared connections, through shared discussion topics, and because it’s easy for job seekers to contact you. We even use printed materials such as flyers and billboards. An interesting method would be carrying on or hosting the event called “Open Doors”, where young specialist prefer to appear and to look for a job.   Stages of the Recruitment Process There are some stages of recruitment process: Preparation of role profiles, and personal specification for the position plus making decision on terms and conditions of employment. Other necessary information includes essential functions to be performed in the role and the advantages of working for the company (i.e., workplace environment, compensation and benefits, perks, etc.) Some employers prefer to stress on work dedication, while for others leadership abilities and team reliability is important; Attracting candidates and selecting reviewing and evaluating alternative sources of applicants, inside and outside the company; Creating professional tests or/and psychological exams when it is specified by the employer; Final interviews might be conducted by the company’s senior leadership or an interviewer from a previous round of interviews. These latter-stage interviews are generally extended to a very small pool of top candidates. Preparing contracts of employment and closing officially the position.   Do you need an efficient recruiting campaign? You made the right choice! We are eager and competent enough to find the best candidate for your team. Are you looking for temporarily workers that are able to perform a specific task? In such a case you should be interested in renting employees! Contact with our manger in the most convenient way and we will solve any hiring problem!

2 октября, 2023